Anchorage Update


January 2010


We have been here in Anchorage for two years now.  We have been blessed to experience soooo much yet we feel like it has gone by really fast.


Speaking of time going by fast ... we will be leaving in less than 5 months!  We finalized our plans to return to Pennsylvania back in the late fall of 2009.  We will be leaving Alaska on the weekend following the end of school.  School ends on Friday, May 21st and our plan is to leave Alaska on that following Saturday or Sunday (22nd, or 23rd).


We plan to follow the Alcan highway down to Seattle and then over to Boise to visit the Rasmussens.  We will stay there for a few days (or as long as they can put up with us .. which ever comes first) and then head due east to PA.  We plan on rolling into PA some time during or shortly after the first weekend in June.


It looks like Pastor John and Sandy will be visiting us in March.  We are really looking forward to that visit!  March is a great time to be in Alaska ... that is if you like snow.  The temperatures are getting a little milder by that point and the days are getting much longer.  The average high temp for mid March is around 34 and the daylight lasts from around 6:30 am to around 9:30 pm (including dawn and dusk).  So, you have long days to experience Alaska; the temps are not brutal; and the landscape is just beautiful from a full winter's worth of snow.


By the way ... I know I have to update the picture on the home page with a pciture that includes Jake, but we do not have a family picture yet!  I will work on it!


Back to the grind tomorrow.  School - work - sports.


The builder started digging this week for our house back in PA!  Very Exciting!!!  They think the foundation, basement walls, and first floor decking will be done by the end of January.  I will be in PA for work during the week of January 25th and I plan to check out the progress while I am there.  Check out the pictures.  Thanks to Cheryl for the pictures!!!


Check out the new videos.